Rick Johnson Private Investigator

Rick Johnson

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain why you should consider Rick Johnson Private Investigator to assist you with your matter.  This agency is owned and operated by me, Rick Johnson.  I'm a unpretentious independent agency; small enough to provide you with personalized attention.

As an independent private investigator, I'm guided by core values of integerity and discretion. I offer an exclusive range of professional, confidential investigations and related services to clients in and around the West Virginia panhandle area.  My services are available to attorneys, law firms, organizations, buisnesses and private individuals. 

I understand the sensitive nature of private investigations and uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry.  It is my policy that all reports and information received are stricktly confidential and are for the private and exclusive use of my clients.

I stand behind my commitment for investigative excellence in every task I undertake.  I strive for professionalism, continual improvement, ethical, and moral commitment.  My goal is to be the best that the private investigative industry has to offer.
  1. "I have practiced law since 1979, and Rick is the very best investigator I have ever known. He has the blend of qualities that I look for in an investigator. He has a passion for the truth. He is discrete and thorough. Richard is insightful and intelligent. He has helped me solve and win many cases".
    Keith A. Parsky, Esq.
    "He is discrete and thorough."
  2. "I have known Rick Johnson for approximately 16 years. I used Mr. Johnson's investigation services several times while I was a lawyer in private practice. I found Mr. Johnson's work to be of the highest quality. His integrity is beyond reproach".
    Honorable Robert A. Greenberg
    "His integrity is beyond reproach."
  3. "Mr. Johnson and I have worked together since 2004. As an investigator, he was conscientious and tenacious. I truly enjoyed working with him. He always got the job done. He helped me out a lot. Never once did he let me down. I liked his interviewing skills; he has a good knack for talking with people".
    David Littrell, Public Defender
    "He always got the job done."
  4. "Rick has assisted me in my law practice for over twenty years. He has investigated scores of criminal cases for me. I have found him to be conscientious, reliable and thorough. His greatest asset is his persistence in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. He has my highest endorsement".
    John Severt, Attorney at Law
    "He has my highest endorsement."